Dick Elliott

1920 - Nov 22, 2004

The following is from the Club's Winter 2004 Newsletter:


       Dick Elliott
A longtime and good bowler, Dick Elliott of our club passed away Saturday, November 22, of heart disease and kidney complications. Dick was normally on our green, wearing his “pith” hat, and generally bowling as a skip. Some fellow bowlers remarked that Dick never was known to make any derogatory comments about fellow bowlers. He was also part of the club's Gold Coast teams.

Dick was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1920 and moved to California in the 40's. His work involved electronics in Pasadena. He joined the Santa Anita bowling club in the early '90's.

Dick became a member of our Oxnard club in 1998 when he and his wife Elayne moved to Santa Paula. Dick took on the job of accepting dollars for the monthly raffle. He was the first person to be seen when entering the clubhouse,
with his collection basket and tickets. On a last visit to see him in November, he expressed the wish to donate his bowls to the club. Dick's name tag now hangs in our memorial cabinet in the clubhouse. Services for Dick were held on Friday November 28 in Santa Paula. Members of the club attended the services, dressed in our traditional “whites”. He is survived by his wife Elayne, two daughters and one son.