Edith Mary Dowsing

January 19, 1916 to March 20, 2017

Photo courtesy John Dowsing

Edith's Life:

Edith Dowsing, nee Brandrick, Passed away quietly Monday March 20, 2017 at 101 years old at her home in Leisure Village, Camarillo, California.  Edith was born in the village of Stone in Stafford, England.  At nineteen her job in a British film studio commissary was to ensure everyone paid for their lunch, even Alfred Hitchcock.  In 1937 she met and married Reginald Dowsing  and survived the second world  with their three children living just outside London.  The family immigrated to Canada in 1948 and her life blossomed with lawn bowling, alley bowling, sailing and working as a dental assistant.  They came to California in 1962 and she worked at J C Penneys for 20 years then retiring with Reg to Leisure Village.  She was a founding member of the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn bowling Club,  President of the Village Billiard Club,  the Village Women's Golf Club and traveled the world, even transiting the Panama Canal at 95.  Her life was very active and she only stopped driving just before her 100th birthday.  Reg passed in 1986 and she is survived by her children, Julie, Joan and John, grand children, great grand children and two great-great grand children.  A celebration of her life will be held on Saturday, April 1st at 2:00 in her home in Leisure Village and also on Wednesday, March 29 at  Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowling Club.

With many thanks,
Julie, Joan and John Edith's children
Obituary from Ventura County Star

On March 29, 2017 Edith's family put on a Memorial at the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club for a celebration of Edith's life.  About 35 club members, guests and family attended.  There was a very nice display of photos of Edith through out her life.  The family presented Edith's name badge for mounting on our memorial board and donated a collection of Lawn bowling club pins that Edith collected in her travels through out the world.

Her children Julie, Joan and John provided a nice lunch for all attending.

EdithWaiting To Bowl2015
Edith waiting to bowl, 2015

Edith rolling her bowl 2015

Julie, Edith and Joan
mother and daughters

The following photos were taken at Edith's Memorial on March 29, 2017

Julie, John and Joan, Edith's children
John holding a picture of their mother Edith.

Rita Harrison, Pauline Escalante and Carol Smith
Long time friends of Edith.

Club President Ron Zenone talking with John Dowsing.
The table in background holds the photo display of Edith.

Members enjoying the refreshments.

Julie and Joan talking with Tony and Dina Bongiovanni.
Pinky Palladino in background helped the family with setup.

God bless you Edith.  You will always be in our heart.