David Rankin

January 9, 1938 to June 3, 2018


     David Rankin was born in Richland Springs, Texas.  After moving to New Mexico he graduated from Albuquerque High School.  While attending college he worked part time as a plumber.   In 1957 his mother decided to move to California to be near her sister and a new job.  David met Sandy (his future wife) while on a blind date.   Things went well and they were married on March 14, 1959 at  the Santa Clara Church in Oxnard.   They were blessed with two beautiful children, Diantha and Dennis.  David and Sandy had been married for 59  years.
     David was working for Kaloff  Pulp and Paper in Hueneme at the time.  After it shut down he worked for Raytheon, then moved to Standard Oil working as a head mechanic in the oil fields in Oxnard for 15 years.   He transferred to the Carpinteria Plant and offshore platforms.  David retired after 35 years with the company.   He enjoyed life hunting, fishing, bowling (both lawn and alley) and golf.   David joined the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club on May 10, 2004 and was  a member for 14 years until his death.   One of his favored hobbies was growing dahlias in his back yard.  He grew many varieties and would enter them in the Ventura County Fair each year.  He won many ribbons for them.

David Award
David shows many of the awards he won at the Ventura County Fair.

When the Lawn Bowling Club put on an event he would provide flowers for the table decorations.  When the activity was over he would give the flowere to the visitors to take home which pleased them greatly.