April 6, 1930 to May 4, 2018


With a name like DAVEY JONES, it would seem normal to drift towards the sea and all it has to offer in  adventure, competition and a great enjoyment of peaceful seas and harbors.
     Loie (also known as Lois) was a natural as we were both raised in the Long Beach-San Pedro area.  First date I had with Loie was a sail in Long Beach harbor.   She will admit that sailing wasn't love at first sight, but I guess she liked me and took on the side hobbies.  We married and within a year and a half had two cute twin girls (Mary Jane and Susie) followed a few years later with handsome boy (Neal).
     I had enjoyed Scouting so much as a kid, I decided to make it my  profession.  After college I became a Boy Scout District Executive in Colton, California.  So for nine years we Boy Scouted, trained  and ran summer camps for the BSA.   Then on to work with a life insurance company in the Los Angeles area.
     I had always wanted to venture on the open seas in my own boat with my hand on the helm.  So one of the first ventures was to take Loie on a 17 foot sloop with no deck to Catalina.  Obviously we made it and had some great adventures on shore.  During the growing years with the kids and working we sailed in races and cruises to the off shore islands.  The family enjoyed the San Fernando Valley, racing sail boats regularly, and being involved with the San Fernando Valley Sailing Club.  When we raced Dave had a good choice of crew, with Loie and the children, Mary Jane, Susie and Neal being well trained.  We had progressed in boat ownership fron an 11 foot sailing dinghy through four increasingly larger sloops to a 36 foot cabin.  To make it interesting the kids and I took up scuba diving and that added fish, abalone and occasional lobster to our diet.
     I was always dreaming in the BIG ONE - a long term cruise with our being self sufficient and living aboard.  As years went by the vessels change, the family aquired a 36 foot sloop which was named Fleur de Lis for our scouting background.  This became our water  activity for 28 years and fulfilled Davy's wanderlust ambitions.  In 1979 we stopped working and took a shake down cruise to San Francisco.  Of course we ran into fog but no heavy seas.  The big one was to go to Mexico and in February we set sail and going down wind it was  a lot of sailing.  Stopped in one harbor, two men or boys came by to barter for lobster.  I wonder if the bugs were all theirs and we obtained 1/2 of a 5 gal bucket of lobsters for a six pack, some 22 shells and a few other things.  But we and other fellow boaters did enjoy.
     All in all we had a great time for five months with friends joining us for a week or so.   My daughter joined us to assist in taking the boat back.  It's  a tough hoe going up wind and  about half way we were able to get her a ride home, so Loie, I and Ahfy (our dog) brought it back.
     We continued cruising, including shipping the boat to Florida, cruised the Bahamas, Florida Keys for two years,  then up the coastal waterway  to Chesapeake Bay and Washington,  D.C.  Then we shipped the boat to the northwest and cruised the San Juan Islands, the Gulf islands and up to Desolation Sound for the next six years.
     After recovering from hip surgeries and getting a bit slower , we said good bye  to Fleur de Lis (sold)  and we returned here to Oxnard and took up lawn bowling and loved it with the great friends you meet in this great sport .  Dave was a big fan of jazz music and liked to go to jazz concerts and was a regular attendee at the Channel Cities Jazz Club in Oxnard.
Bio by Dave and Lois Jones edited

Notes:  Dave and Lois had been married for 67 years when Lois died on August 6, 2017.
Dave joined the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club on September 22, 1995.  He was active on  the Board of Directors and served the club as a Secretary, Treasurer and two terms as Club President.

Dave and Lois Jones at club Hawaiian Fun Day

Lois and Dave at one of the club Christmas Parties