2021 Christmas Party
Merry Christmas

Front enterance to Sterling Hills Golf Club in Camarillo

On a very stormy day the club held its annual Christmas Party on December 14th at the Sterling Hills Golf Club in Camarillo.  Approximately 57 members, family and guests attended.  Our thanks go to  Gloria Brown  and Jack Bucey  for  making the arrangements with the Golf Club and planning the party.

We spent the first hour socializing with new and old friends.  This was followed by a delicious lunch  provided by the Sterling Hills Club.  The meal was buffet style with a large variety of salads and rost beef and / or salmon.  Desserts were buffet style also.  The food was very good.

As we came in we were given a ticket to be used for door prizes.  
Door prize drawing for gifts was handled by Jack Bucey.    We would like to give a special thanks to Mike and Nancy Newton, Mike and Julie Basler, Eva and Gary Davidson and Art and Donna Roberts for their contribution to the club that made purchase of the door prizes possible.   If you were lucky enough to have your number drawn you went to the prize table and picked which ever one you wanted.

  Our musical entertainment was provided by the Lenny LaCroix Band.  Lenny's musicians were Lenny on the keyboard, Jerry Redmond on drums and Bill Von Ravensberg on the bass.  Susan LaCroix was the singer and did a wonderful job.  They played Christmas music to sing and dance to. 

Gloria Brown expressed thanks to Mark Wilson, with the help of his wife Lori for takin over the club newsletter and for all the years that Bob Smith did the newsletter.  Lastly, she thanked our Club President Jack Bucey for his enthusiasm for the game and his kindness to everyone.  She said that his big personality makes every bowling day fun.

Photos by    Bob Smith  and Mark Wilson

Band Stand and dance floor

Gift table inside front entrance
When your name was called you come up and take your pick

Past President Ron Zenone, Past President and Honorary Member Amador Martinez,
Debi and Jim Matlock

Linda and Peter Westray and daughter Melissa

Sisters Marie Moore and Sandy Rankin

Joice and Brian Fenton and Gloria Brown

Lori and Mark Wilson

Tony and Dina Bongiovanni with Gloria Brown in the middle

Bob and Sharon Fleur and Joice Fenton
Bob and Sharon made a beautiful couple dancing

Paula, Jack Bucey and Honorary Member Conrad Bilodeau
Paula is Conrad's Grand Daughter

Linus Raibys and Lenny LaCroix

Nancy and Mike Newton

Susan and Ken Paddock

Dick Gibson, Wuhwa Hsu and Herb Smith

Linda and Mark Skowronski

Bob Livermont and Judy

Rear view from the banquet hall
It was a very wet day

Ann and Sal Mollo with Susan LaCroix in the rear

Raul Perez and Kathy Corona

Bobby and Henry Richter

Dee, Mary Ann and Bert

Patricia and Jerry Olmscheid, Gloria Brown,
Jack Bucey, Mike and Nancy Newton

Randy and CJ Juengst

Julie and Mike Basler

The psychedelic croc shoes were given to our "fashionista"Jack Bucey.
They will go nicely with his shoe collection and great for tournaments.

This was a real show stopper.  Jack Bucey and Susan LaCroix sing a duet.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All