2019 Christmas Party
Merry Christmas

Front enterance to Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Oxnard

  Rear patio by the pool with beautiful views of the harbor

The club held its annual Christmas Party on December 6th at Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Oxnard.  Approximately 49 members, family and guests attended.  Our thanks go to  Gloria Brown  and Linda Lockhart for  making the arrangements with the Yacht Club and planning the party. Gloria Brown acted as the Master of Ceremonies and was assisted by Joe Brown.

We spent the first hour socializing with new and old friends.  This was followed by a delicious lunch  provided by PCYC.  The meal was a choice of tri-tip, salmon or chicken.  The food was delicious and the servings were generous.

As we came in we were given a ticket to be used for door prizes.  
Door prize drawing for gifts was handled by Joe Brown and Linda Lockhart.    We would like to give a special thanks to Mike and Nancy Newton for their contribution to the club that made purchase of the door prizes possible.   If you were lucky enough to have your number drawn you went to the prize table and picked which ever one you wanted.

  Our musical entertainment was provided by Sam Hobel and the "Sam the Piano Man" music group.  They played Christmas music to sing and dance to.  One of their members had a suit case full of different kinds of hats that matched the tune they were playing and that kept everyone laughing.

Next came the Lawn Bowling Golden Awards.  This was thought up by Gloria Brown and Linda Lockhart to recognize the special achievement of several of our members.  The awards were made by Gloria and Linda and were very original.  This was a take off on the Golden Globe Awards from TV.

Dee Press: a small golden vacuum since she is always helping keep the club clean by using our vacuum at days end.
Bert Weingart:  When Dee wasn't there she used her broom.  She now has a small gold one.
Gary Davidson:  For building the club new equipment carts he was awarded a small golden cart.
Ken Paddock:  Ken made the club all new dry erase scoreboards and was awarded with a small golden verson of one.

Photos by   Joe and Gloria Brown and Bob Smith

Gloria Brown and Linda Lockhart greeting arrivals and passing out door prize tickets

Carol Smith and Jack Bucey.  Jack is our 2020 Club President.

Susan Paddock, Susan LaCroix and Ken Paddock

Tom Hodgins, Andy and Diane DiConti and Herb Smith

Susan LaCroix and Joe Brown

Sisters: Sandy Rankin, Barbara Parkhurst and Marie Moore

Lenny and Susan LaCroix, They make a great team.

Bob and Carol Smith

Sam Hobel of the "Sam the Piano Man" music group.

Here is our music group.  The one on the left had a fine collection of funny hats.

Nancy and Mike Newton.

Joe Brown and Linda Lockhart calling out winning ticket numbers.  Yvonne Davidson
checking out her number to see if it is a winner.

CJ Jungst and Julie Basler

Jerry and Donna Beatty

Dick Gibson, Doug Dow and Janet Kessler

Denny Ryan, Susan LaCroix, Linus Raibys and Pauline Ryan

Sal and Ann Mollo

Yvonne and Gary Davidson

Mike Basler, Randy Juengst and Jim Matlock

Geoff and Honor Simpson

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All