2018 Christmas Party
Merry Christmas

Front enterance to Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Oxnard

  Rear patio by the pool with beautiful views of the harbor

The club held its annual Christmas Party on December 7th at Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club in Oxnard.  Approximately 50 members, family and guests attended.  Our thanks go to Joe and Gloria Brown  for  making the arrangements with the Yacht Club and planning the party. Joe Brown acted as the Master of Ceremonies and was assisted by Gloria Brown.

We spent the first hour socializing with new and old friends.  This was followed by a delicious lunch  provided by PCYC.  The meal was a choice of tri-tip, salmon or chicken.  The food was delicious and the servings were generous.

Joe Brown came forward and welcomed everyone and got the party started off with a few of his famous jokes.  Our club President Art Roberts then proceded to recognize a number of our members for the work and other contributions they did to keep the club running smoothly the past year. 
Then we had a door prize drawing for gifts.  We would like to give a special thanks to Mike and Nancy Newton for their contribution to the club that made purchase of the door prizes possible.  Donna Roberts passed out the door prize tickets when our members first entered the club and Joe Brown and Art Robrts did the actual drawing of the tickets.  If you were lucky enough to have your number drawn you went to the prize table and picked which ever one you wanted.

 Next was our musical entertainment provided by Lenny and Susan LaCroix and Bill VonRavensberg.  All professional musicians.  Lenny and Susan are new members to our lawn bowling club.  You never know where you will find hidden talent.  Susan was the singer, however she said that she is very shy and would need some help.  Somehow she broke out of her shell and delivered with great energy and plenty of expression.  Before long we were all singing along and doing a lot of toe tapping.  Susan walked around with a portable mike and gave everyone a chance to belt out a line or two.

Photos by   Debi Wilson and Bob Smith

Gloria Brown checking in members as they arrive.

Joe Brown, our party MC.

Tom Hodgins, Janet Kessler and Doug Dow

Jerry Susan2018
Jerry and Susan Porath

Randy and CJ Juengst, Jim Matlock foreground.

Andy and Diane DiConti and Bobbi Richter

Raul Perez and Kathy Corona

Marie Moore

Jordan Austin

Susan and Ken Paddock

Jack Bucey

Honor and Geoff Simpson

Peter Nicholas and Jerry Porath

Nancy and Mike Newton
Thanks for the contribution that made our door prizes possible.

Denny and Pauline Ryan

Debi  Wilson and Marquita Otineru

Debi Wilson, Dion Coleman, Marquita Otineru and Donna Roberts

Nancy Newton and CJ Juengst

Herb and Naomi Smith

Joe Brown getting on with his MC duties.
In telling a joke, timing is everything.

Joe Brown and Art Roberts picking tickets for the door prizes.

Susan and Lenny LaCroix with Bill VonRavensberg
All professional  entertainers

Susan LaCroix gives it her all and what a great job she did.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All