June 23, 1928 to October 15, 2013


The following is a reprint of an article about Alex Mackie and his wife, Mary.  This article appeared in one of our clubs first newsletters back in 1990. Some artistic license has been taken so that the article reads in the present time.

             Admiring the skill and expertise, you must know that Alex, our 1st President Pro-Tem, began bowling at age 9.  Hailing from Glasgow, Mary and Alex enjoyed Scottish and English bowling where he designed and donated a trophy awarded yearly as the “Alex Mackie Trophy”.  They came to California in 1973 where they both enjoyed swimming, gardening and their dog, “Susie”.

            While still working at Hughes Research in Malibu, they looked forward to his retirement hoping to visit friends around the country, perhaps in a motorhome, and of course, more bowling competition.    Watch and admire that super skillful form and delivery!

 Alex joined the Oxnard Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club in 1986 and was the 1st President Pro Tem.  His membership continued down through the years.  In more recent time after a period of declining health Alex died at home on October 15, 2013.  He was cremated on October 21 and his ashes are to be delivered to Scotland.  It was Alex’s wish to return to Scotland some day.  I expect he will be meeting with his friends and relatives on the green.

 Alex with his pal Oreo


Displaying a fine delivery style

Picture of a happy man

We'll miss you Alex